We are not looking for an answer to the question whether we should organise a sustainable event, but HOW to organize a sustainable event. At a time of depletion of natural resources, dominance of plastic packaging and excess of emissions it is almost a duty of socially responsible companies to organize their events as environmentally friendly as possible.

The key aspects of sustainable events are the reduction of material and energy consumption, the recycling and reusing concept and emissions minimization. Companies work with all these aspects before, during and after their events.

In the field of natural resource management there are technologies that can effectively save these resources (e.g. energy saving bulbs, energy saving programs of dishwashers, electric cars). The attention is paid to minimalizing emissions by choosing other ways of transport (e.g. public transport, train transport) or by supporting participants in walking. This is closely related to the choice of a well accessible venue. Last but not least, it is necessary not to neglect the transport related to the purchase of materials and the provision of services and catering. The event organizers should cooperate with local suppliers to support local economic development.

A great benefit is that when organizing an environmentally friendly event you can see an increase in awareness of sustainable behaviour of participants, services providers and communities. The goals, measures and impacts of such an event are shown to regional or national authorities, sponsors, citizens, NGOs, enterprises, innovators, and current / potential customers or clients of the company. Overall this kind of event can be a great inspiration for many other subjects. 

The company itself demonstrates that it is possible to integrate social responsibility into a variety of business areas. That leads to strengthening the position and legitimacy of CSR in organizational culture.

Not only does the company follow CSR principles, but it also improves its credibility, reputation and image. All of this has long-term impacts in the economic sphere:

  • Increasing interest of customers and investors,
  • Employee loyalty growth (pride in the employer) and decreasing fluctuation,
  • Growing interest of potential top-quality employees who are looking for a job in a socially responsible company.

What are the benefits of environmentally friendly events?

  • Cost savings – reduction of waste and re-use of some materials, energy savings, local products, minimization of transportation needs.
  • Improvement of image and positive reputation – environmentally friendly events show that CSR strategy is not just on paper.
  • Innovative thinking – new technologies supporting more efficient resource use.
  • Social benefits – supporting local communities and suppliers, creating new job opportunities.
  • Good practice example – inspiration for other companies, growth of competitiveness.
  • Implementation of good practice into the life of the company – many measures implemented during environmentally friendly events can fit well into the ordinary company operations and actions, for example consistent recycling and energy savings by employees, elimination of emissions during work trips etc.

For more information about organising an environmentally friendly event do not hesitate to contact us on info@flagship.cz.


Here you will find news, articles and case studies on CSR and sustainability, as well as information from our agency. We focus on positive business examples, current trends in this area, and how corporate CSR should look like.



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