We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation, one of the first in the Czech Republic.

Flagship has become part of a growing community of more than 1500 so called “B Corps”, operating in 50 countries in more than 120 different industries. We have joined a network of peers such as Patagonia or Ben & Jerry’s. All of these companies have one common goal: to redefine the meaning of business success. B Corporation does not seek to be the best in the world. It seeks to be the best for the world.

Why B Corporation?

B Corporation:

  • believes in a global economy, where businesses solve environmental and social problems.
  • can be any business that fulfils rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.
  • unlike other CSR standards, adherence to B Corporation standards results in a certification. The certification process is managed by B Lab, an independent non-profit organization responsible for control and issuance of certifications.
  • the certification is granted to the company as a whole, not only to a specific product such as in case of Fairtrade.

Businesses are evaluated based on the level of impact they produce. “B” stands for benefit. The benefit of a business is assessed in terms of its relationship with environment, employees, customers, suppliers or communities.

Watch a short video explaining what it means to be a B Corporation: https://www.bcorporation.net/what-are-b-corps.

What makes us a B Corporation?

Flagship is a company that strives to inspire the change how businesses are run in the Czech Republic. We help businesses to understand their economic, social and environmental impacts and profit from them – by performing better, communicating better and delivering better long-term societal outcomes.

We help to encourage companies to become not just the best in the world, but also to be the best for the world. We believe that business can be used as a force for good.

We work with all types of businesses, large and small, we help charities, NGOs and social enterprises and cooperate with government.

We fulfilled an in depth evaluation of our activities. In order to maintain our certification, we will have our activities re-evaluated every two years in cooperation with B Lab and will strive to keep improving everything we do. We answered many questions regarding our governance, community engagement or relationship to our suppliers and environment, including, for example, what measures do we take to save water in our office. If you are interested in the details of our evaluation, please do read it here.

To a small start-up like us, being a Certified B Corporation will allow us to better define our internal strategies and means of our growth.

We look forward to informing you about our progress and improvement in the near future.


Here you will find news, articles and case studies on CSR and sustainability, as well as information from our agency. We focus on positive business examples, current trends in this area, and how corporate CSR should look like.



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